• A Word to the Wise about Wisdom Teeth
    There are some pretty exciting rewards to look forward to as you transition from your mid-teens to your 20s. Driving! Voting! Graduation! But there is one rite of passage that Read more
  • Wishing all our moms a happy Mother’s Day!
    "Motherhood: All love begins and ends there." - Robert Browning We would like to take this moment to thank all the great moms out there for being so great during their Read more
  • The Best DH in Baseball
    Oh, wait—did you think we meant Designated Hitter? Oh, no, we’re not getting into that debate! What we want to talk about is the best Dental Habits you can practice Read more
  • Nutrition for Building Healthy Smiles
    Hopefully we all know how crucial daily flossing and twice-daily brushing are to keeping a growing child’s smile healthy. However, the foods they eat are also important for their oral health Read more
  • Dental Careers and Specialties
    The dental career everyone is most familiar with is the private practice dentist. That means an individual dentist or a partnership working with local patients in their own practice. That’s the Read more
  • Make a Plan for the First Loose Tooth!
    Losing baby teeth is a perfectly normal part of growing up. However, it can still be a scary new experience for little kids, particularly the first time. Parents can make it Read more
  • What Triggers a Canker Sore?
    A canker sore, a shallow ulcer that can develop on the inside of the cheeks or lips, can mean days of discomfort. Different things can trigger a canker sore. The most Read more
  • Which Kids’ Toothbrush Is Best?
    Here’s a handy guide that can help parents navigate the toothbrush aisle the next time they need to replace a child’s toothbrush. This should be every few months — certainly by Read more
  • Tips for Men’s Oral Health
    On average, boys and men are up to 20% less likely to brush twice a day than girls and women. They’re also less likely to replace their old toothbrushes on a Read more
  • Kissing and Contagious Cavities
    The reason daily brushing and flossing are so important for keeping harmful oral bacteria populations under control is that they reproduce very quickly. In a healthy, clean mouth, there might be Read more
  • Women’s Dental Health
    Women face a different set of challenges than men do in caring for their teeth and gums. They also have different advantages. Oral Health Issues that Affect Women MoreWomen make up 90% Read more
  • Childhood Gum Disease
    Many health issues rarely impact children, but that’s not the case with gum disease. Harmful oral bacteria don’t care how old we are, and kids and teenagers are at risk of Read more
  • Smoking and Vaping Versus Teeth
    Smoking is an incredibly unhealthy habit for the entire body, and that includes teeth and gums. 80% of oral cancer diagnoses are to those who smoke or chew tobacco. Early symptoms Read more

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